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Realistic's Outreach Programme consists mainly of our workshops which are held, twice a year, in our rehearsal space in Leith, Edinburgh. These workshops are not only open to our members, but to anyone who has an interest in theatre. Lasting for 6 days, we use this time to help those attending improve their acting and singing techniques, along with covering other aspects of the art of acting. In the past, we have done acting for camera and video, different styles of singing and stage management. As well as trying to improve techniques, we also like to find a subject and, through research and improvisation, write a short piece about it. At the end of the week a short performance, utilising everything learned, is given to the parents of those who have spent the week with us.


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Above: Cast members of "The Drummer Boy" in Inverness, part of our Outreach Programme to the Battlesite of  Culloden.

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We have also 'outreached' our shows to a variety of venues throughout Scotland in the past 5 years. 'Drummer Boy' made an appearance at Preston Pans and Culloden. 'Children of the Clearances' has been performed at South Queensferry and most recently, Bedlam Theatre, Edinburgh. These performances were self financing as the company did not have the funds available to cover the expense of taking 30 young people, the set, band, lights and sound equipment around the country.

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Just  before 'The Railway Children' opens, we will be performing at the Aberdour Festival, in Fife, thus allowing people who may not be able to come into Edinburgh, the opportunity to see the show.  We are also looking into the possibility of taking our production of 'Children of the Clearances' around the schools and village halls early in 1999. The subject is set reading for Primary schools in this area, so we will be aiding the school pupils to learn and understand about this period in Scotland's history. Like most youth theatre companies, we try to plan months, if not years in advance.  However, these plans are dependant on the company finding the funds to achieve our objective. Any further projects will be announced in these pages as and when they are finalised.


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